The Department of History and Classics at the University of Alberta is recognized as one of the leading departments for the study of History and Classics in Canada and globally. Our students work with professors who are excellent teachers (many have won campus awards), and world-class researchers active at the forefront of their chosen fields.


  1. Look out for these new courses starting Fall 2016!

    The department of History & Classics has been hard at work creating new courses to meet the needs and interests of today's students. We're extremely excited to announce a number of new courses for the 2016-2017 academic year.

  2. The Eighth Joint Meeting of the BSHS, CSHPS, and the HSS will take place 22-25 June 2016.

    The Three Society Meeting is held every four years and brings together three organizations dedicated to the study history of science, technology, and medicine: the British Society for the History of Science, Canadian Society for the History and Philosophy of Science, and the History of Science Society.

  3. Hist 121 Pavlovic

    New Course! Refugee Crisis: Responses and Challenges

    What are the causes of the refugee crisis? Are refugees a threat to peace and security? Are they criminals and terrorists? Are they migrants or refugees? Who feels threatened by refugees, and why? Are they a cheap labor force? This lecture-based course traces the history of the ongoing refugee crisis and analyzes its impact on Europe and beyond. Relying on case studies (Greece, Macedonia, and Serbia) Dr. Pavlovic examines various responses to the refugee crisis by the EU and individual states as well as non-state actors (civil society, NGO sector, professional associations, community organizations, international organizations).

  4. BenZvi

    Meet the Professor! Ehud Ben Zvi

    Meet our newest emeritus: Ehud Ben Zvi

  5. Radovan Karadzic's arrest mugshot. Wikimedia. CC.

    Dr. Srdja Pavlovic's Newest Article on ICTY Justice

    The former President of the Republic of Srpska para-state, Radovan Karadzic, was recently convicted of a joint criminal enterprise and crimes against humanity committed during the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1990s.

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  1. Susan Smith Talks about Mustard Gas with PBS

    During World War II, the U.S. government conducted experiments with mustard gas and other chemicals on thousands of American troops. A new NPR investigation has found that some military experiments singled out African-American, Japanese-American and Puerto Rican servicemen by race. Judy Woodruff learns more from Caitlin Dickerson of NPR and Susan Smith of University of Alberta.

  2. The Kastro Kallithea Study Season 2015. An Impression by Matt Gabert and Karey Rodgirs

  3. Interview David Rupp about the Canadian Institute in Greece at UAlberta

    Dr David Rupp

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