The Department of History and Classics at the University of Alberta is recognized as one of the leading departments for the study of History and Classics in Canada and globally. Our students work with professors who are excellent teachers (many have won campus awards), and world-class researchers active at the forefront of their chosen fields.

Our programs are notable for their remarkable breadth, in terms of their geographical reach – ranging across the history of six continents – and their wide array of themes, which include gender, sexuality, class, nation, empire, and identity, and perspectives covering urban, environmental, transnational and postcolonial histories. We offer literary studies in Greek and Latin and archaeological field schools in Italy and Greece. Our programs offer great flexibility, allowing students to tailor their degree to their interests. Our undergraduate students develop skills in communication, critical analysis, research, and cultural understanding, which provide a strong foundation for careers in business, communications and public service, as well as for graduate studies. In graduate study, the breadth of our programs, extensive library resources, and funding opportunities enable our students to pursue original and innovative research.


  1. Upcoming Event Thursday, October 8 LH Thomas Lecture Speaker Series

    LH Thomas Lecture Speaker Series Featuring Ian MacLaren, Art Gallery of Alberta, 7:00pm MST. The topic is the early Canadian artist Paul Kane (1810-1881). "Several Histories through a Single Lens: Putting Paul Kane Back Together Again" All are Welcome!

  2. Second Annual Mâmawapowin / Ti Tâga Orezuichiye / Gathering About First Nations

    Announcing the Second Annual Mâmawapowin / Ti Tâga Orezuichiye / Gathering About First Nations: a public event celebrating aspects of Alberta's Indigenous peoples' history. The Gathering is a collaboration between several central Alberta First Nations, the Stoney Nakoda, and the University of Alberta's Department of History and Classics and the Faculty of Native Studies. 3 October 2015.

  3. Learn about the Art of Ancient Mosaics with Jeremy Rossiter

    The University of Alberta is proud to present a Lunch Hour Lecture to compliment Local Artists Series exhibition Recollections: An Imperfect Schematic by Erin Pankratz- Smith. The lecture titled “Stories in Stone: Mosaic Art in the Ancient World” will be delivered by University of Alberta History and Classics professor Dr. Jeremy Rossiter. 1 October 2015.

  4. Fracchia

    AIA Lecture Series: Reconstructing Roman Architectural and Decorative Systems: 3D Modelling of the Roman Villa at Ossaia, La Tufa

    The Archaeological Institute of America and the Department of History & Classics present: Helena Fracchia, UofA. 24 September 2015.

  5. Living in Style: Villa Culture in Roman Greece

    Classical Association of Canada Tour. 22 September 2015.

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